Thursday, 24 October 2019


Democracy is one when the people choose who will represent them in government, there are 120
Members of parliament who sit in the house of representatives which is located in Wellington, It is also an
MMP system where people get 2 votes, 1 vote is for which political party they want to win and the other
vote is for who you want to represent your area. New Zealand is a democratic system of government because every 3 years people who are New Zealand citizens, 18 years and over get to vote in an election.

Thursday, 28 March 2019


Today I am posting a Migration Model which shows the push and pull reasons why a guy named Donovan Janse migrated from his country of origin South Africa to New Zealand.  Push reasons are the negative reasons why people leave there country of origin. Some of the negative reasons why he left South Africa was because they had to live by curfews and there was a lot crime happening in South Africa. The other negative reasons was because income levels were low and employments were high, he was also worried about the safety of his family.  Some of the pull reasons was better education for his kids, better income and a safer environment, when he came to New Zealand he became a teacher and was getting paid more than he did in South Africa. While he was New Zealand there was obstacles, he was missing his family back home and he also lost his dad while he was in New Zealand.

Monday, 25 March 2019

Meeting with client

For the past weeks we have been planing on what to paint on a blank wall around the school. This morning our client came in and checked on our artwork, when he came in he saw the work and he sounded like he really enjoyed some of them.Most of the ones that he liked were simple, he told us to use the KISS principal which stands for K- Keep,   I-it,   S-simple,    S-stupid. He is going to send more photos of things in his workshop to be included in our artwork. The font that he wants us to use is Ice Cube from Cool text and he wants the images to be simple and the images will include some of the tools that we use in the workshop.

Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Kiribati fights climate change

An island called Kiribati which suffers from climate change. On 3rd of march 2014 giant waves full of seawater
crashed against the island of kiribati.The students of kiribati are learning how to deal with climate change,
some are planting new vegetables and some are studying the effects of climate change. Climate change is
one of the reasons why people would migrate well not really migrate but they might want to move
somewhere away from the water or not as close to water.

Image 1. Maritina Nakekea, 19, is a resident of Kiribati, a country made up of 33 coral atolls located halfway between Australia and Hawaii. Today Kiribati's existence is threatened by climate change. Photo: Itinnaibo Aukitino/iGeneration Youth

Thursday, 7 March 2019

Man jailed after breaking own dog’s leg, beating it so badly it had to be put down

Rocka after suffering a broken leg at the hands of Serrin Macpherson, and the x-ray of his injury, inset.This story is about a man who gets arrested for attacking his own dog Rocka. The owner Serrin Macpherson allowed the dog to roam the streets but when the dog Rocka came across another dog both dogs attacked a nearby livestock. When Macpherson found out about Rocka he then attacked him by kicking,punching and slamming him to the ground.The dog was taken away from Macpherson and was moved to the SPCA, eventually Rocka had to get put down because he was to badly injured. In the end Macpherson was sentenced by the police for 12 months and was banned for having animals.  My opinion of this story is he probably couldn't handle looking after the dog. But he still shouldn't of abused the dog. In the future he shouldn’t be trusted with animals