Wednesday, 31 August 2016

narative writing

One sunny morning my dad and I went fishing. When we got on the boat, we started getting the bait ready. While my dad was getting the bait ready I really felt like spewing up not because how it looked but the smell. We went fishing off the Orakei Wharf.

After a few minutes the bait was  ready, we hooked the bait to the hook on the rod and chucked the hook in the water, waiting patiently for a bite. While we were waiting we forgot to put our life jackets on so we ran down to the front of the boat and put them on. The reason we went fishing was because it was my uncle’s birthday so we wanted to get some fish for a special present.

As we were waiting we heard a loud THUMP! on the boat. We ran to the front of the boat to see what the big thump was. We looked all around in the water and saw a big shadow it was some big fish. Suddenly the big fish came out from under the boat and the fish was a whale.

As I was looking at the fish it looked like it needed help so I said to my dad “Dad the whale looks like the fish needs help” and then he said back to me “OK ask her what she needs help with” so I asked the whale what was wrong then she looked like she lost her son or her daughter.

So went to the steering wheel and my dad was driving the boat “We will be back with your daughter or son” I said to the whale”. As we were driving we heard another THUMP!!! So again we were waiting for what comes out and this time it was a whale but a baby one.

We chucked some fish in the dingy so the baby whale could follow us back to where the baby whales mum was. We finally got back to where the mum was. Once we got there the mum straight away swam to the baby and they looked so happy together. I really felt like crying.

When that was all over we went to the rod and and pulled the hook out of the water and on the rod was a fish so we measured it and it was the right size. So we took it to my Uncle's party and ate the yummy fish we caught.

That was really a fun fishing day. So fun that I wanted to do the next day!!!!!!

Friday, 26 August 2016


In reading we have been learning about The norovirus hope you enjoy

Tuesday, 23 August 2016


Did you know gymnastics are in the Rio Olympics this year? For 32 years only men were allowed to compete but in 1896 women were allowed to play. There is the Rhythmic and the artistics.

I am writing about a gymnast and her name is Simone Biles.  Simone Biles is 19 years old and she was born in March the 14 1997.

In gymnastics you can compete  in groups up to six people. To win the sport it is the person with the highest points and also if you land in a trick shot then you can also win.

In the men’s gymnastics they don’t use  what women use they use the rings and other things. There are also two different kinds of Gymnastics.

Simone Biles was adopted by her biological grandparents from foster care at age five.When she was six years old her one big dream was to become a professional gymnast. In 2012 she was not allowed to compete in the olympics because she was only 12. And I think you have to be 19 and over.

Simone Biles has her own move, Which is called the double layout half out. For me I think that Simone Biles is a very talented gymnast.

I hope Simone Biles wins. GO FOR GOLD SIMONE BILES!!!!!!

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Zika Virus

Nyree,Anna and Kerstein Zika from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

In reading we have been looking at viruses. The book was called zika virus, Find out more in Our movie.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Pie Graphs

This week we have been learning about graphs and our teacher Mrs Moala has given us an opportunity to find ourselves a group and in our groups we have been given an activity to do TAKE A LOOK UP TOP.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016


Country's that host the Olympics must show they have the capacity space to hold the games and invest there own money into them. Through the influx of tourist the hosting country hope to gain more money during the Olympics, ultimately the IOC gets to decide which country hold them.

In 2012 the Olympics were held in London UK. It was the Third time London had hosted the games, the Olympic's were held there in 1908 and 9148. One of the upsets of the games was in shot put, Valerie Adams claimed the gold medal only after it was found that her Belarusian opponent had tested possitive for drugs  

My mark out of 10 is a 8 because I listened and remembered.

Friday, 5 August 2016


Guess what  I did in the holidays!!!

In the holidays my family and I went to Ngatea for my cousin's Birthday. Ngatea is a beautiful place. Once we got there I walked in the door and my eldest cousin was doing all my other cousins makeup.

I didn't want to do my makeup but I did anyway. Then after that my cousin did our hair. For a present my family and I gave my cousin $10 because she was 10. My cousin was so lucky. But it was like the best day.

I wish I was still at my cousins.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Pictographs and bar graphs

Olympic dictagloss

The 2008 Olympics were held in Beijing, China.  It was the first time women could compete in boxing. Women from Brunei, Qatar and Saudi Arabia were allowed to participate. This was considered a big deal because women in these country are not equalled with men. The games in China were one of the most
expensive Olympics in history.