Monday, 11 December 2017

Andrew Patterson and Raenan

Today Andrew Patterson and Raenan came to visit Team 5 and talked to us about Achieving our goals.First Mr Patterson interviewed Raenan about his first year at  Tamaki college and how he felt when he started.At the start when Raenan was year 9 he didn't want to go to Tamaki College but when he got there and experienced it he ended up really liking it. My goals for being a year 8 Next Year is to become a good house captain.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Sea Snakes

Here is my sea snakes presentation. We had to Read the text about sea snakes and then we had to answer the questions that we were given.After we completed this presentation we were given another task to do which was create another presentation about an animal of our choice.

The story of Elsa,Anna and tarzan.

Once upon a time there lived two sisters named Elsa and Anna.They lived in a castle with there  parents.One day there parents left on a ship to go two there niece (rapunzel's) Wedding. As they were on there way to the wedding they ended up in a really big storm.And the ship sank.The ship sunk down to the bottom of King Triton's sea.That ship also happened to be the ship that Ariel explores in the little mermaid. Everybody thought that Elsa and Anna’s Parents were dead. But they were actually alive.They washed upon shore and happend to give birth to a son named Tarzan.So that means Tarzan,Elsa and Anna are brother and sisters, and Rapunzel is there cousin.

Friday, 1 December 2017

6 emotions

This terms theme is Musical Madness.And team 5 is learning how to find the music or sound effects that relate to the emotion or the emoji. In this presentation there are the 6 main emotions. There are also songs and sound effects the relate to the emotion.Hope you enjoy.

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Addition and Subraction word problems

Today I have finished my Addition and subtraction word problems activity.There were some word problems that we had to answer and we didn't just have to answer we had to work it out aswell.Hope you enjoy.


Today we were given a task to create a presentation of any animal of our choice.I Have chosen to do a Panda. This presentation also relates to the tiger Presentation that i did. There is also heaps of information about Pandas. ENJOY


Today we were given a task to create a presentation of any animal of our choice.I Have chosen to do a tiger. In this Presentation,I have explained wall kinds of different stuff about tigers. There are facts about tigers to in my presentation enjoy.


Today I have completed my Multiplication&Division maths work.In this presentation there are some multiplication question for example 8 x 4 which equals 32.Then we basically had to reverse it by doing 32 divided by 4 which equals 8.Hope you Enjoy this Work. Remember to leave a comment.

Monday, 20 November 2017

Reading Comprehension

Today I have finished my reading comprehension. It is called Sport or Way of life.We were to read the story and answer the questions that we were given. Hope you enjoy it.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Week 5 Word problems

Today I have posted my Week 5 word problems. We have been learning to solve different kind of word problems. And the end of this presentation you will see some BEDMAS, (brackets,Exponents,Division,Multiplication,Addition and Subraction. Hope you enjoy this presentation.WALT: Solve Maths Problems.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Athletics Day 2017

WALT - Take care of the little things in our writing

Last week on the 10th of November 2017, Pt England had their annual school athletics day.Once a year Pt England always has there School athletics day.There are different kind of activities that the whole school participates in.

When you first start at Pt England you are given a house colour and every athletics day you have to dress up in that house  colour.When I started Pt England I got given a house colour which was Hikianalia (Yellow). I didn't have any yellow things to wear so I chose to wear all
the colours.

You are also split with your year group and every activity that you go to is in your own year group. I was with my year 7 girls. The first activity that we went to was softball throw and the last activity that we did was Javelin.

My favourite activity was relays.In relays you have a pipe that is your house colour. And you have to run to where ever you have to run to and then you run back and give it to you buddy and they run and do it. And the first group to be sitting down with there hands on there heads are the winners.

At the end of athletics we went back to our normal classes. When we got back to team 5, The whole block had Ice Blocks. Next week on the 23rd of November me and some other students have got the oppurtunity to go to the Interzone athletics.

Monday, 6 November 2017

Carnivorous Plants

WALT - generate questions
Today i have completed my "Carnivorous plants" activity. We had to give some facts about Carnivorous plants.

The Rat

WALT - generate questions. Today I have posted my activity
about "The Rat". I have also made a question cube with all of my 
six questions based on The rat. One of my questions were. What is the main purpose of this story.
Here is the link for the story "The Rat" Enjoy it

Friday, 3 November 2017


Today Mr Patterson came to our Team 5 block to talk to us about our future.Mr Patterson told a story to us and showed a video to us about a boy named Uili and an old man.He was talking to us about a little boy walking to school one day and seeing an old man sitting on the ground crying. The old man was crying because he had lost everything. When Uili approached the man he gave his money and his lunch to him . Uili carried on giving his money and his lunch to the old man.One day the old man walked with Uili to school when the old man got to Uili's school he told the whole school what Uili has been doing for him. When the school found out that Uili has been doing this stuff to help the old man he got a Gold Certificate, And for giving the old man this stuff, Mr Patterson took Uili and his friend to wellington for the day.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Word Problems

Today I have posted my week 3 activity for maths. We have been learning some fun word problems to help solve our basic facts. We have learnt how much $2 coins make up numbers. And towards the end of our activity we got to come up with our own word problems. HOPE YOU ENJOY.

Test Practice Week 3

WALT -  Use different strategies to solve addition and subtraction word problems.

Friday, 27 October 2017


What is an Orchestra?

An Orchestra is a large group of musicians who play together it is made up of four sections or families:Strings,Woodwind,Brass and Percussion.

What are the parts of an orchestra?
The String Family Instruments: Violins,Violas,Cellos, Double Basses and Harp.
Woodwind Family Instruments: Flutes,Piccolos,Oboes,Clarinets and Bassoons.
The Brass Family Instruments: Trumpet,Trombone,French Horn and Tuba.
The Percussion Family Instruments:Timpani,Snare drum,Cymbals, xylophone,Glockenspiel,triangle and woodblock.

Conductor:Somebody who makes sure that the musicians play there instruments on time.

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Why is regular exercise important

Why do you think regular exercise is important.I will explain how regular exercise can hep you stay Healthy,Fit and Strong.

Firstly, you could stay Healthy by exercising everyday. You could also stay Healthy by eating Healthy foods & drinks like: fruit drinks,Water,fruit and other Healthy food.

Secondly,You could stay fit by doing regular exercisers everyday like: Running,Going for walks playing a sport and other regular exercisers.

Lastly,Staying strong is basically doing all those things that I explained which was: Doing regular exercisers and eating Healthy foods.

In the end I think that regular exercise is important because of the things that it could do for you like keep your body Strong,Fit and Healthy.

Thursday, 19 October 2017


Today I have posted my Reversibility presentation for maths.This week we have been learning how to solve reversibility questions. We mainly have been learning how to reverse Multiplication and Division questions.I hope that you enjoy my work please leave a comment below on my blog.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Immersion Assembly

Immersion Assembly

Today was the first day of Term 4, Monday the 16th of October.And when had an Immersion Assembly. Our Immersion Assembly was all about Musical Madness. To start our Assembly of we had Mr burt,Mr Wiseman,Mr J, Mr Wiseman and Mrs Nua sing a song for us called “Musical Madness Saves The Day” Then after that it was Team 1 time to shine,

For their item they were playing cards, and as they were playing cards they were listening to music and whatever music they listened to their emotions started to change. For Example: If there was a Happy song playing there emotion would be Happy.

Next was Team 2. First Miss Gaston was playing the Ukelele and singing "The lion sleeps Tonight" and then the rest of the teachers came up on the stage and started using there instruments. So they were basically using different kind of instruments to create one whole song

Next Team 3 shared there movie with us. There movie was about lip syncing to all kinds of different songs.The teachers that were Lip syncing was, Mr Moran,Miss Davis,Miss King and Miss Edie

After that was Team 4.The name of Team 4 item was Make Car rides more fun. And in there movie they had all of the teachers taking turns in a car and singing to the songs that were playing in the car.

And last but no least was the amazing Team 5. Now for Team 5 item all the teachers in team 5 got together and was watching a movie. And as they were watching the movie different kinds of songs were playing. So they were trying to figure out what was going on in the movie with just the sound

So that was Our amazing Immersion Assembly, I hope you enjoyed reading it and please leave a comment.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Calculate the Perimeter and Area

Today I have posted my maths work. We were learning to find out what the Perimeter and Area is inside of shapes. I hope you enjoy this presentation. Please leave a comment on my Blog.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

How does MMP Work

How Does MMP Work
What does MMP stand for? MMP stands for Mixed Member Proportional.

In the MMP system you have 2 votes, the first vote is for the party that you prefer, this is the vote that largely decides the total number of seats each party will have of the 120 seats in parliament.The second vote is to choose a person to represent your local electric in parliament under MMP NZ is divided into 70 electrics.Who ever gets the most votes will become your local MP.

To get any seats in parliament a party must reach at least 5% or more of the the party vote or with an electric seat.If 30% of us vote for Labour then it will fill 40% of the all the seats in parliament,If 10% of us vote for National the it will fill up 10% of the seats.

Catching Flounder

This Morning Pt England School went to the Beach to watch some of our students and teachers catch some Flounder.First we lined up out on the hard courts to listen to the instructions that Mr Burt was giving us. When he was finished giving out instructions, Year 1 went out to the crossing and they were of to the beach. Then it was Year 2,Year 3 and so on. When we got to the beach we sang a waiata and then we said a karakia. After that we were on our way back to school.We are only catching baby Flounder and we are putting them in our tank, and when they are bigger we are going to give them back to the ocean.The other school caught 4 Flounder. And we were trying our best to beat them and we did. YAYYYY!!!!

Monday, 25 September 2017

Understandng Negative Numbers

Today I have posted my Understanding negative numbers.We have learned what a Negative and a Positive number is.We also learned how to add and subtract Negative and Positive numbers.I hope you enjoy it.

Friday, 22 September 2017

Film Festival Secrets

In the past few weeks room 4 and our teacher Mrs Judd, have been very busy working on our film festival movie. Mrs Judd and room 4 came up with the idea of doing a blindfolded eating test.

Mrs Judd pulled 3 people at a time out of class and into the tusitala to test the food blindfolded.When I finally got called to go to the tusitala, I had butterflies in my stomach because I was scared of what Mrs Judd was going to give us.

There was one thing that we had to taste and we had to pass it down the table and when it got to me, It felt really squishy and gross and if you are dying to know what it is then you can watch our film festival movie.

The nicest thing that we tasted would of had to be the Jelly because it tasted like L&P and it was super nice.The food that we tasted was:
Date,Jelly,Mango Chilli slices and a Mystery Food.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Area and Perimeter

Today I have completed my Maths presentation. We have been learning to find the Area and the Perimeter in shapes. I hope you enjoy this presentation. Please leave a comment on my blog.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

How to make a quality blog comment

Today. We have been given a task to do, our task was to created either a movie,drawing,DLO,presentation or anything else that relates on how to make a quality blog comment. We have chose to do a drawing. Hope you enjoy it

Monday, 4 September 2017


Today I have completed my reading task called, "Inferring". We are learning to read between the lines and:WALT -  make inferences (find hidden meaning in a text). Find out more information while reading my presentation. Hope you enjoy.


Throughout  week 4, Team 5 have been saying there speeches to there own literacy classes. On Friday the 25th of August each teacher had to choose 3 people from there literacy class to say there speech in front of everyone in team 5. The 3 people that got chosen from our class was Sheena,David.F and Eva. Our Judges for the speeches was Mrs Judd and Ms Tapuke. We also had the pavilion, Room 12 And Room 11 join us to listen to our speeches. They looked like they really enjoyed it. I really enjoyed listening to the speeches aswell.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Mission to jupiter

Today I have completed my Mission to Jupiter reading task. The story that we have been reading was to inform us about the Galileo space shuttle. Find out more in my presentation. Hope you enjoy

Wednesday, 5 July 2017


Today I have published my Sniff,Swing,Swipe presentation. First we had to read through the text and answer the questions that were given to us.The next thing we did was read through the same text but screenshot what we thought was the best idea.

Monday, 26 June 2017

Nyree Mrs Judd's maths problems

  1. 3.4 + 6.7 =10.1
((3+6=9) +(.4+.7=1.1)   

  1. 12.8 + 9 = 21.8
(12+9=21) + (.8)

  1. 23.2 + 38.5 = 61.7

  1. 10 + 0.7 = 10.7
10+.0)+10. +0.7=10.7

  1. 47.5 + 61.8 =109.3

  1. 18 + 4.8 =22.8
18+4=22) +.8)

  1. 33.5 + 7.6 = 41.1
33+.7=40) .5+.6=1.1)

  1. 68 + 12.3 =80.3
68+12=80) +.3)

  1. 19.5 + 19.5 =39

  1. 172 + 17.2 = 189.2
172+17=189) +.2) 189+.2=189.2

  1. 23.3 + 4.4 = 27.6
23+4=27) .3+.4)

  1. 101 + 110.1 = 211.1
101+110=211) +.1)  211+.1=211.1


  1. 8.3 - 6.6 = 1.7
(8-2=6)  (.06-.03=.03)

  1. 13.7 - 9 =4.7
(13-9=4)  (.07+0.0)

  1. 29.9 - 10.5 =19.4
(29-10=19) (.09-.05=.04)

  1. 10 - 4.7 = 6.7
(10-4=6) (.07+0.0=.07)

  1. 40.4 - 1.9 =39.5
(40-1=39) (.09-.04=.05)

  1. 11.6 - 3.8 = 8.2
(11-3=8) (.08-.06=.02)

  1. 37.2 - 3.1 =34.1
(37-3=34) (.02-.01=.01)

  1. 68.4 - 22.3 =46.1
(60-40=20) (.8-.2=.6) (.04-.03=.01)

  1. 30 - 17.5 = 13.5
(30-17=13) (.05-.00=.05)

  1. 262 - 26.2 = 236.2
(262-26=236) (.02-.00=.02)

  1. 503.3 - 54.4 =449.1
(503-5=449) (.04-.03=.01)

  1. 903 - 130.8 = 773.8

(903-130=773) (.08-.00=.08)

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Idea city

Today i have completed my Idea city presentation. We had to choose one idea that would make Glen Innes better. My idea that i chose was the dance-o-mat. Hope you like it please leave a comment.

Thursday, 15 June 2017


Todays task was focusing on statics. We used percentages,Decimals and fractions. We also learnt to interpret and read a range of graphs.This task was ok to do it was a bit hard but i got through it. Please leave a comment on my blog. Hope you enjoy

Wednesday, 14 June 2017


WALT -  Identify and uses tenths to make numbers.
We compared fractions and decimals and how we changed one to the other.We also learnt the place value of decimals and fractions, This presentation has 19 slides and we had two weeks to finish it.HOPE YOU ENJOY

Friday, 9 June 2017

Speech Topics

I have finished my writing task. Our task was to pick one of the eight topics to tell a speech about Hope you enjoy

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Popsicle Decimals

WALT -  Identify and uses tenths to make numbers. We used Popsicle sticks to make the numbers shown on the presentation, ENJOY

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Healing Honey

Diving giraffes

I have finished my diving giraffes presentation. This is  about a group of giraffes going for a dive in the pool ENJOY.

Chunky chalks

WALT -   Evaluate information and form an opinion
Today I have finished my chunky chalks presentation for week 5. This presentation is about a few students coming up with making there own chalk. ENJOY

Friday, 26 May 2017

Fun with the year 7's

                         Friday 26th may  
Ever since the year 8's have gone to camp the year 7's have been doing some funky stuff.

As the year 8's left the school I knew that the year 7's were going to be doing some funky stuff.Once the 8:30 bell went I rushed back to class to get ready for the day.On the timetable for today it said to get into our Tahi,Rua and Toru, We thought that those names were a bit boring so we changed our name to the MUNCHIES. Next we voted for two people to be our leaders a Girl leader and a Boy leader, our girl leader was Sabrina and our boy leader was Tevita. After that we came up with a team chant our chant goes like this: WHAT WHAT MUNCHIES MUNCHIES LET ME SEE YOU MUNCH THAT TEAM, TAHI IS FOR BREAKFAST RUA IS FOR LUNCH SAVE THE REST FOR DINNER AND WE MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH(do you like it) the other team names were Fobalisious and Churries, We preformed our chants and play lots of games. My favourite activity of those three days would of hade to be making truffles. Truffles are little chocolate balls rolled in coconut.

Those three days were the best. Thnx teachers and helpers 

Friday, 12 May 2017

Independent and dependent clauses

WALT Identify independent and dependent clauses
Today i have published my Presentation. In this presentation it teaches me about Complex sentences and independent sentences.                    

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Complex sentences

WALT Identify independent and dependent clauses
Today I have finished my activity called Complex Sentences Enjoy It.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Unuseless inventions

Here is my Unuseless inventions presentation. In this presentation we were told to pick 1 intresting invention that you thought was cool. The invention that I chose was the wide awake eyes. ENJOY 

Monday, 8 May 2017

Home learning

This is my Home learning presentation, This presentation has been set for us to do in our free time I hope you enjoy.

Too much Telly

This week we are learning to : Interpret a range of different graphs. 

Answer below:

1: More tv been watched on saturday and friday and no homework on saturday and friday

2:Every graph is different because they all did these stuff at different times

3:Yes it is true because they have spent most of their time on watching tv then doing there homework.

Answer questions below:

1: Some of them are the same

2: They should be doing more homework and watching less tv

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Statistics week 1

1.How many students played volleyball? 12

2.17 students played which sport? Soccer

3. How many students played Hockey?19

4.How many more students played rugby then played netball?11

5. Which sport is played by the most students? Rugby

6. How many students walk to school?70

7.How many students come by car?40

8.How many students bike to school?23

9.How many students come by train and bus?22

10. How many more students come by car than bus?25

11.How would you work out how many students come to this school? Add the numbers together to get the total number which is:155

12.In Lindas class there are 15 girls and 14 boys draw a table to show this information.
                                  Girls and boys

13.In Tracy’s class there were 2 students away on Monday, 4 away on Tuesday,none away on Wednesday, 3 away on Thursday and 2 away on Friday
                           How many away


Thursday, 13 April 2017

Place value

I have posted my place value presentation.In this presentation there is all saughts of things about decimals. I hope you enjoy.

Monday, 10 April 2017

Edit Writing

Today we are having a writing test, In this writing test I am going to be writing about a special place that I like to go to.

My special place is called Pt England Beach. Every now and then me and my family go to the Pt England Beach. The last time we went to the beach was……. A few weeks ago. There are lots of things to do at the beach for example you could swim,fish,pick shells and other cool things.

The thing that I find special about the beach is all the fun and cool things I can do with my family and even my friends. Something else I find special about the beach it how much time I spend with my family.

When me and my family were at the beach we played a lot of games. My favourite game that I liked playing was dodge ball. After we played sports we got changed into our togs and went for a swim.

As we were swimming we saw a lady on a horse. I jumped out the water and asked the lady if I could pet the horse. And the lady said yes.”What is its name” I said “her name is diamond” the lady said. What a beautiful name I thought.

Well after we said “Hi” to the horse I stayed out of the water for a bit (oh yes) that's another thing I find special about the beach is getting to see all the sea creatures and the nice people. While I was out of the water I was building sand castles and collecting shells to decorate my sand castle.

When that day was finally over I came home thinking about what a special place Pt England beach is. And i will never forget how special it is.

Well thank you for reading my writing hope you liked it. Let me know below what you thought of my text. And maybe chuck in what your special place is.