Friday, 29 July 2016

Olympic history

Did you know about the ancient olympic games?

The Ancient Olympic games were held in Olympia,Greece. They started in 776 BC there was only one event, the 200 yard dash.

Back in the ancient men were only allowed to attend and compete in the olympic games. The games are held every four years and the men competing were nude.Nude means they played naked.

In 391 AD Rome invaded Greece. Two years later the olympic games were abolished. In 1896 a Frenchman re-started the olympic games in athen Greece. Women competed for the first time at the 1900 games in paris. Of a total of 997 athletes, 22 women played five sports.

This year the olympic games are being held in Rio Brazil. I hope New Zealand win this year.

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Bubblegum group

Today after morning tea at school. The whole school went to the hall for a special assembly and no it was not the blogging BUT there was a special group that was performing for us, and they are called the BUBBLEGUM!!!

As soon as they walked into the hall the whole school clapped and yelled. Then all of a sudden they started performing to all of these cool songs. And there dancing was so sharp and cool.

After they finished performing the coach of the group said the first five people to go up on the stage got to dance wit the bubblegum group. I did not go up because umm I am not a good dancer.

Anyway after that the bubblegum did one more performance and then they were finished. When they finished the whole school stood up and did crowns up which goes like this

Stem and leaf graphs

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Term 3

Today was the first day of term 3 which was the first day of school!!!

Once I got back to school I ran all the way to my teachers and my wonderful friends. All of my friends were happy to see everyone and so was I. After lunch at school I was helping my teacher get his printing out and I was also doing the school lunches.

You Know how I said I think on the last post I made about the special assembly on the first day, Well turns out that the special assembly is on Friday this week. Soooo I have to wait that long and today is only Monday.

Well see you next time

Tuesday, 26 July 2016


This term we are learning about the Olympics and today we are doing a compare and contrast. 

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Back to school

Next week the school holidays are over and we are all back to school.

I cant wait to go back to school because I wan't to see all my friends and my wonderful teachers. And also the good thing is our school principle is coming back for term 3.

Our principle went away last term because him and his wife went on a holiday all around the world (Isn't that cool). Ohhhhhhh I just can not wait to go back to school to do all the fun activities.

In the first blog post I made I talked about how my school has a special assembly for the holiday blogging. Well I hope I win, and if I don't win well at lest I tried.

Friday, 22 July 2016


On Monday the 11th of July instead of going to the holiday program my family and I went to Tauranga for a holiday.  We weren't just going for a holiday we were also going to visit our cousins and aunty's and uncles.It took forever to get to Tauranga but we got there.

As soon as we got there I burst out of the car and sprinted inside to my cousins and gave them all a big hug but I didin't just hug my cousins I also hugged there dog and kitten and there mum and dad.

The dog's name was Herk and the Kittens name was socks (funny name).After saying hi to everybody my family and I went back outside to unpack the car that was hard work.

After a while we all started getting hungry so my aunty made some lasagna (YUM). Oh did I menchan that they had bunny's well now you know that they do. The bunny's have to stay in a cage so they don't get out.

My aunty, uncle and cousins live a farm which is so cool, but the dum thing is that we are not allowed in the farm because it is to dangerous. On the farm there are only cows.

Every morning my uncle rides his motobike to work, and he gets up really early so every time I am over there and I hear the bike I wake up.

Man that was the best holiday ever.

Monday, 11 July 2016

Holiday Program

Today was me and my sisters first day at our holiday program. Once we got to the holiday program we saw all of the kids playing doge-ball, I had a thought in my head and I keep saying to myself "Should I play" then I ended up playing.

After a while my sister ended up playing aswell. In the game I was the last person to play, nobody could get me out. But unfortunately we had to stop the game because the teacher of the holiday program was laying down the rules.

After she layed down the rules we had morning tea and then we were off to the field to play some games. Our teacher put us into groups and then we played the games, my team came first and second in all the games we played.

After that we went back and had some lunch. For lunch we had noodles and cookies it was so YUMMMM!!!! Then we came back to the park and had a cool play. There was this big swing that everybody went on and all of the other equitment were so cool.

Hopefully we come back tomorrow

Friday, 8 July 2016

Holidays 2

I'm back and today I am going to be blogging about what I am going to do in the holidays.

In the holidays my sister and I are both going to a holiday programme. We are going to the holiday programme in otahuhu which is very close to where my dad goes to corse, so the plan will be that my dad will drop us off and pick us up.

At the holiday programme  we get to do heaps of drawing and heaps of other cool activities, I think it will be a great opportunity to do this holiday programme so get to get out of the house.
Image result for holiday program

Thursday, 7 July 2016


Tomorrow is Friday the 7th which is our school holidays. In the holidays I am going to be doing alot of blogging. Why I want to blog is because at the end of the holidays when we go back to school we have a special assembly and during that assembly our teachers announce the winners for Holiday blogging. The winners win a phone I think and another special prize so that is the whole reason I want to do some blogging and also because I love blogging.

I will talk to you in my next post I make but for now BYE!!!!!!!

Bok Choy

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Geometry mat

Superhero on mission

One day in the quiet city of Auckland while the students of room 8 were busy working on their literacy tasks they heard a loud explosion Ka-boom!!

HA, HA, HA a creepy voice from outside yelled “I'm going to destroy everything in the whole world with my huge robot” yelled Dr Weevil. “ I know who to call” Bryana exclaimed. So Bryana ran inside and called 911. Suddenly Flame arrived “What seems to be the problem?” Flame asked.

“It’s Dr Weevil He's back and he's going to destroy the whole entire world with his huge robot” said kerstein “He won’t be destroying anything while i’m around” Flame replied “Ohh I don’t think so” Dr said.

There was going to be a showdown against the two enemies. “You best leave this town before I make you” Flame said in a serious voice.  “Never” said Dr “Well then you asked for it”. Flame Kicked the robot with flame’s super kick but the robot was to strong, that the robot  held Flame and roughly chucked him onto the ground.

“Oh no” Yelled one of the kids from room 8 “We've got to help Flame” Said Anna. “Then let's do it” Kerstien said, room 8 gathered around in a circle to come up with a plan. “Ok here’s the plan” and so they when on and on and on.

Thida ran out and started distracting Dr Weevil while Mereana went over and helped Flame get up “Ok here’s the plan Flame” said Mereana and she began telling flame the plan. Once she finished telling the plan flame was ok.

Flame sneaked behind Dr and said “It’s over Dr”  by then Dr Weevil was out of his robot, Flame kicked Dr Weevil back to where he was supposed to be “I’ll be back” Dr yelled “I don’t think he will be back” flame said. All the kids surrounded flame and thanked him then they all said bye.

My real life hero

A hero is a person who protects and defends you. Heroes also save people from danger or if when they need help. Firefighters, Ambulance, Nurses, Doctors and Police officers are all examples of real life everyday heroes.

My real life hero is my dad because he protects me and works to provide food for Our  family. Dad also fixes me up if I am hurt he doesn't just protect me he protects the family.

My other real life hero is my mum and my sisters because whenever I have a problem my mum or my sisters sit down with me and sort the problem out. My mum and dad support me at parent interviews and they also support me in any other  school activities.

We are very lucky to have heroes in this world. I love heroes especially my mum and dad.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

School Art Gallery

Last Friday the 25th of June our school hall was closed. The hall was closed because one of our teachers from school started to set up the school Art Gallery. Today is the 5th of July and my maths class went to see all the art in the hall. All of the art was so cool, the art I liked the best was Team 5's because I loved the detail in their art and I liked the way they made there waka.

Friday, 1 July 2016

Speech marks

As soon as Tim got his pocket money, he jumped on his bike and raced straight down to the shop. “How can I help you?” asked the shopkeeper.
Tim looked long and hard at all the ice-blocks and finally said, “I'd like a lemonade ice-block please”. “Here's your ice-block, That will be one dollar and fifty cents,” said the shopkeeper. Tim put his money on the counter and headed out the door calling, “Thanks very much,” as he went.

“Come back,” called the shopkeeper. “There's fifty cents change”.
“In that case,” said Tim, walking back to the counter, “I'll have a packet of chewing gum as well,” “There you go”. “I hope you enjoy it”, said the shopkeeper. “I will,” said Tim.