Wednesday, 22 February 2017

My ideas of having a fun weekend

In my writing i am going to give you my ideas about a fun weekend.
My first idea would be playing sports. My favorite sports to play would be netball and basketball.I also like to invite friends from  down the road to play with me.

My second idea would be going to the pools. The I mostly go to is the GI pools. I go with my family and sometimes i go with my friends. Before I go to the pools I buy some snacks to eat at the pools.

Finally the last idea would be to go out. When I say go out I don’t mean go outside i mean go out to your auntys or your nans, or just get out of auckland. Me and my family mostly go out every weekend.Well hope you liked my ideas about having a fun weekend.Please Leave a comment.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Explanation Text

Why People Need To drink water
I am going to explain why we should drink water. Water helps us with lots of things, For example water helps us survive and keeps us healthy and fit.

Water also helps us with our kidneys.
When we drink water the water goes through our body and into our kidneys and cleans all the dirty stuff out of our body.

Water keeps us hydrated, if we don't drink water we will get dehydrated  and our water level would be really low. That's why I suggest you drink lots of water.

This is what happens to your body when you don't drink enough water. Water is essential for human life. It accounts for for 50-70% of our body weight and is crucial for most bodily functions. Any deficit in normal body water.

Well hope you enjoyed this piece of information please leave a comment  

Water wise

This presentation is about and Interview with a glass of water. It is also about the water cycle. ENJOY

Friday, 10 February 2017

My First 2 weeks back at school

I've enjoyed my first 2 weeks back at school.

The thing I enjoyed was seeing all my friends and the teachers. I guess the thing that is new is the work I kinda found that difficult aswell but you just have to understand it. I am really looking forward to going on all the trips. 

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Logical sentences

WALT - Identify the structural features of an explanation text  

Today in my class we learnt about logical sentences. In this activity we had to put these images in order. Enjoy 

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Place value

WALT -  place value partition to solve 2 and 3 digit problems

Kete of Knowledge

WALT - Make connections between our prior knowledge and examples within the text in order to understand more abstract ideas in the text.

In my reading class we had to list things about The 3 Kete Of Knowledge. After all of that was done we had to make a poster that inspired kids to never stop learning.