Monday, 29 February 2016

Volcanoes of the world

Understand vocabulary that is more difficult and specific,
WALT: Use prior knowledge with information from the text to help our understanding

Click Here. Those balloons  are the volcanoes that I pined.  I learnt how to pin volcanoes of the world in Google maps. The 3 best volcanoes are Mt Wellington, Mt St Helens and Mt Rainier. 

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The Day Things Started Disappearing


Once upon a time there was man named Jack. One night Jack was brushing his teeth for bed “la la la la” Jack sung. Then finally it was time for bed. Once Jack got into bed he was about to shut his eyes when suddenly he saw from the corner of his eyes something disappear.

He jumped out of his bed “did I just see something disappear?” he asked himself. Then he hopped on to the floor and grabbed a bat (just incase someone was there). He went into the Kitchen “nothing here” then he went into the dining room “nothing here.
Cling something disappeared again “what was that who’s there” he scaredly said. Jack opened the front door went outside and there it was a little teeny tiny alien that YES happened to be stealing stuff from Jack's house. “AHHHHHHHHH” Screamed Jack “there’s an alien at my front door!!!”

“Hi” said Jack “HELLO” said the cute little teeny tiny alien, but the alien wasn't so cute when he pulled out his fire gun and shot Jack in the elbow “OWWWW” Jacked yelled, then again the alien shot Jack in the leg “DOUBLE OWWW” said Jack.

“Why are you stealing stuff from my house”? asked Jack the little alien began to cry “oh no sorry little guy” “ me keep steal stuff cause me have nothing” the little alien sobbed.
Just then Jack had an idea in his head “Ok little guy” Jack angrily said “how about I give you some and only some not all of my stuff some, and you stop stealing stuff from my house” said jack “deal” Jack said “deal” the alien sadly sobbed.
And so the two of them did there happy deal. Then the alien said “you know where to find me” “ok” Jack said, “BYE” they both yelled at each other. “Man that was a long and stressful night, well bed time”. GOODNIGHT .


Sudden Disappearance

Sudden Disappearance  
Something strange was happening. One by one, things were disappearing. First my mum then my dad now my sister were all gone. It was my job to investigate for sudden disappearance and find a solution. 

Write what is being dictated to us, word for word

My score out of 10 is:8

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Cat Naritive

It was a beautiful sunny day to spend at the beach. Johnson the cat was relaxing on the hot white sand. Her master was paddling in the refreshing crystal water, when suddenly her friend Byron came along. He was looking very sorry for himself.

“Why the long face”? asked Johnson, to which Byron replied “ I'm lost can you help me look for my family”? said Byron. “Of course I can” replied Johnson “thank you” and so they went looking for Byron parents.

Image result for kittensAs they were looking they saw a sign that read LOST CAT. “Look it’s you!” said Johnson “It is too” replied Byron “let’s see where you have to go It read If you find him bring him to 46 Andrea Street please.

So they went to 46 Andrea Street. Once they got there Byron thanked Johnson for finding Byron’s way home and offered up a reward of Johnson bringing Byron home. Then Byron went inside and Johnson went back to his spot on the beach, and they all lived happily ever after”

Monday, 22 February 2016


Max's walk

WALT: Write what is being dictated to us, word for word

                                                     Max’s walk
Max could see from a distance a family that were at each other's throats, The father was yelling “How could you forget the food”? to which the mother replied “It was a honest mistake i’m sure someone will help us”.

My score out of 14 is 14

Friday, 19 February 2016

Problem Solving

Here is my WK3 problem solving

Walt: Add decimals

Te Waka Aoraki

WALT: Retell the story again in our own words

Here is a presentation about Te Waka Aoraki

Wednesday, 17 February 2016



Narrative writing

Once upon a time there was  a boy named Bob.  One day Bob and his family went on a camping trip, his mum had been organising this for months. They travelled far until they finally got to there destination at the Miranda camp site. The camp site was surrounded by a lake and filled with millions of people.

While Bob was playing he came upon another family called the Stevens family who were also on a camping trip. He overheard the family talking about how they left their food at home and how hungry they were.

“Um boy”, one of the parents from the other family said “ Would you be able to give me and my family some food?”. Bob said “ Ummmm I have to go check with my parents first” “o and by the way my name is Bob and so Bob ran of to tell his parents

When he got back to his part of the camp site he told his parents, Then after talking Bob and his parents went back to the Stevens family. Once they got there Bob's parents said to the Stevens family “Hi we are Bob’s parents Jill and Zach would you and your family like to come for a BBQ tonight?” The dad of the Stevens family thankfully said “yes we would love to”.

So they all went to the BBQ and had a very good camp.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Crocodile Creche

WALT: Gather information about salt water crocodiles and present it on our blogs.

Here is a little something about salt water crocodiles. 

The three little pig

WaltDescribe characters from the Three Little Pigs

In a narrative there are three parts in a story. 

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

All about me

Here is a little bit more about me

WALT: Share some information about ourselfs

The three little pigs

WaltDescribe characters from the Three Little Pigs. 

Here are some Words that describe these characters.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Kiwi fruit

WALT: Find out more information and share three facts about Kiwifruit in New Zealand
  1. What is another name for kiwifruit? Chinese gooseberry

  1. What shape are kiwifruit? oval

  1. What’s inside the kiwifruit? edible seeds

  1. What does a kiwi fruit taste like? Kiwi fruit taste Sour and sweet

  1. Why did they change the name to kiwifruit in 1959? Because of the NZ national bird the kiwi. Which is fury, small and brown