Monday, 11 December 2017

Andrew Patterson and Raenan

Today Andrew Patterson and Raenan came to visit Team 5 and talked to us about Achieving our goals.First Mr Patterson interviewed Raenan about his first year at  Tamaki college and how he felt when he started.At the start when Raenan was year 9 he didn't want to go to Tamaki College but when he got there and experienced it he ended up really liking it. My goals for being a year 8 Next Year is to become a good house captain.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Sea Snakes

Here is my sea snakes presentation. We had to Read the text about sea snakes and then we had to answer the questions that we were given.After we completed this presentation we were given another task to do which was create another presentation about an animal of our choice.

The story of Elsa,Anna and tarzan.

Once upon a time there lived two sisters named Elsa and Anna.They lived in a castle with there  parents.One day there parents left on a ship to go two there niece (rapunzel's) Wedding. As they were on there way to the wedding they ended up in a really big storm.And the ship sank.The ship sunk down to the bottom of King Triton's sea.That ship also happened to be the ship that Ariel explores in the little mermaid. Everybody thought that Elsa and Anna’s Parents were dead. But they were actually alive.They washed upon shore and happend to give birth to a son named Tarzan.So that means Tarzan,Elsa and Anna are brother and sisters, and Rapunzel is there cousin.

Friday, 1 December 2017

6 emotions

This terms theme is Musical Madness.And team 5 is learning how to find the music or sound effects that relate to the emotion or the emoji. In this presentation there are the 6 main emotions. There are also songs and sound effects the relate to the emotion.Hope you enjoy.