Monday, 19 September 2016

Olympic athlete Lost

One beautiful morning in Brazil the olympic athletes were training. One of the athletes said that he was going for a break. Instead of going for a break he snuck off and went Pokemon hunting. he went and while he was as he was pokemon hunting  he kept looking on his phone and he didn't realize where he was going. He suddenly realised he was  lost.

The other athletes were starting to get worried so they went searching for the missing athlete. While they were looking him they heard a strange sound. So they listened to where the voice was coming from and followed it.

Once they finally got to where the sound was they saw who was making this strange noise, And the person making the noise was the missing athlete.

The other athletes were so happy  that they found him. So they took  him back to practice and they started practicing. Everybody was glad that he was back.

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  1. I'm glad that Olympic athlete made it back safely! Your story has me wondering which athlete could have done this even though it's fictional. Remember to try and use dialogue (speech) in your writing.