Tuesday, 23 August 2016


Did you know gymnastics are in the Rio Olympics this year? For 32 years only men were allowed to compete but in 1896 women were allowed to play. There is the Rhythmic and the artistics.

I am writing about a gymnast and her name is Simone Biles.  Simone Biles is 19 years old and she was born in March the 14 1997.

In gymnastics you can compete  in groups up to six people. To win the sport it is the person with the highest points and also if you land in a trick shot then you can also win.

In the men’s gymnastics they don’t use  what women use they use the rings and other things. There are also two different kinds of Gymnastics.

Simone Biles was adopted by her biological grandparents from foster care at age five.When she was six years old her one big dream was to become a professional gymnast. In 2012 she was not allowed to compete in the olympics because she was only 12. And I think you have to be 19 and over.

Simone Biles has her own move, Which is called the double layout half out. For me I think that Simone Biles is a very talented gymnast.

I hope Simone Biles wins. GO FOR GOLD SIMONE BILES!!!!!!

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