Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Holiday recount

One Saturday morning at 8:30am Me,april and my mum went to extreme sports for softball prize giving.Extreme sports is in a place called botany.

When we got there we saw our coach his name is jo.Then we went inside to see if it was open and it was  open. So we waited for the rest of the team to show up.

When the whole team showed up we went to the counter to get some boiling shoes.Then we went to do some boiling. I was in team 1 and I was a leader. I didn't really know how to do boiling  so it was kinda my first time.After boiling we played other games like basketball,table hockey, and a whole lot of other games.

Then the whole team played lazer frenzy. Lazer frenzy is a game when you have to try dodge the lasers and if you get tagged by them then you are out and if you don’t get tagged through the whole game then you win and get tickets and buy cool stuff.

After a while we had some lunch for lunch we had Mcdonalds our coach said that we were only allowed a triple cheeseburger a double or a single mostly everyone got a triple cheese because they were so hungry.

After that we handed out our awards. For our awards we got trophies,certificates and
lolies. Then we had dessert we had Ice cream and chocolate sunday it was delicious!

It was so fun! I didn’t want to leave.

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