Tuesday, 8 December 2015

On Thursday the 3rd of December there was a beekeeper named Rose  came into the year 5&6 extension to talk to us about bees. When Rose got here some of the extension started to show up.    

When all of the extension got here we all sat on the floor then Rose started telling us about the bees, There was some people who ask questions for Rose to answer and even Rose asked us some questions for us to answer.
When we were finished the questions and answers then some of us went to see the beehive with bees inside of it!!!

Then she gave out some photos for us to look at some of us were looking for the queen bee in the photos then we kept on passing them around. We learnt about three kinds of bees the queen, worker and a drone bee.

Did you know that a queen bee may lay up to 2,000 bees per day and up to 1,000,000 in her lifetime. The best thing I liked about that lesson was when we got to see the beehive with bees inside of it.

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