Thursday, 17 March 2016

My Narritive

Once there lived a pirate named Captain Jake. He was known as a very nice and kind pirate. He sailed the seven seas  on a huge ship called the SKULL FACE with his pirate crew. Jake liked to wear big baggy pants, stripey tops and black boots.

One day Jake and his crew were out fishing. As they were fishing, Jake and came across an island “set sail for that mysterious island crew” Jake called out “we must check that island” and so they decided to land.

As soon as they landed they jumped of their ship and grabbed their shovels (Just incase there was treasure). They saw an X sign, they started digging. They finally finished digging “Whoo ee” Jake sighed guess what they found?.

Now you would think it was treasure but it was actually a map to treasure. “We have found a map to treasure we shall follow the map” said one person from Jake’s crew.  

So they started walking. They walked night till day and day till night, until they reached the actual X. “We made it” said Jake “let's start digging” then they started to dig. DIG DIG DIG.

They got to the bottom “We finally found it” “TREASURE” said Jake, just that second he had a sudden thought to himself. He felt sorry for all those other pirates who had nothing, so instead of keeping it to himself he shared it with the all the other pirates even the mean ones.

Because remember at the start of my writing how I said he was a very kind pirate well now you know.

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