Wednesday, 4 May 2016


Holidays has begun! As soon as the home bell rung I shot of out my classroom door and ran all the way to the shops to wait for my mum to pick me up. I suddenly thought to myself the holidays have finally begun.

On the first week of the holidays I went to my best friend Teija’s sleepover. I woke up ready and waited for Teija to pick me up, then finally the doorbell rang it was time to go.It wasin’t just me that went to the sleepover, there was Sheales and Skye.

I hoped in the car and we drove off. Our first stop was yummy avocado picking. Once we got to the avocado trees we saw two couples and two puppies. The puppy's name were Tui and Zani”  I loved Tui and Zani. Then we had to go, as we were leaving we saw another big dog and the funny thing was that dogs names was Tui. Tui was beautiful but she was little bit scared of kids.

After avocado picking we went to Teijas house and started setting up our beds. Then minutes later we went to countdown to get us some lunch. Then we went back to Teijas house and ate and played in the garage. A few hours laters we went to get some pizza for dinner. Then it was time for bed we all said goodnight and went to bed.  

On the second week of the holidays me and my sister and her friends went to the GI pools. We walked there. Once we got to the pools we got changed and jumped in the pool.

After a few minutes we started back flipping in the pools. The scary thing was I never Knew how to back flip but then I learnt. I failed some times but the more you fail the more you succeed.

Then we all went home and had some cake. My highlight of the holiday was when we went to the pools.

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