Friday, 26 May 2017

Fun with the year 7's

                         Friday 26th may  
Ever since the year 8's have gone to camp the year 7's have been doing some funky stuff.

As the year 8's left the school I knew that the year 7's were going to be doing some funky stuff.Once the 8:30 bell went I rushed back to class to get ready for the day.On the timetable for today it said to get into our Tahi,Rua and Toru, We thought that those names were a bit boring so we changed our name to the MUNCHIES. Next we voted for two people to be our leaders a Girl leader and a Boy leader, our girl leader was Sabrina and our boy leader was Tevita. After that we came up with a team chant our chant goes like this: WHAT WHAT MUNCHIES MUNCHIES LET ME SEE YOU MUNCH THAT TEAM, TAHI IS FOR BREAKFAST RUA IS FOR LUNCH SAVE THE REST FOR DINNER AND WE MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH(do you like it) the other team names were Fobalisious and Churries, We preformed our chants and play lots of games. My favourite activity of those three days would of hade to be making truffles. Truffles are little chocolate balls rolled in coconut.

Those three days were the best. Thnx teachers and helpers 

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