Friday, 22 September 2017

Film Festival Secrets

In the past few weeks room 4 and our teacher Mrs Judd, have been very busy working on our film festival movie. Mrs Judd and room 4 came up with the idea of doing a blindfolded eating test.

Mrs Judd pulled 3 people at a time out of class and into the tusitala to test the food blindfolded.When I finally got called to go to the tusitala, I had butterflies in my stomach because I was scared of what Mrs Judd was going to give us.

There was one thing that we had to taste and we had to pass it down the table and when it got to me, It felt really squishy and gross and if you are dying to know what it is then you can watch our film festival movie.

The nicest thing that we tasted would of had to be the Jelly because it tasted like L&P and it was super nice.The food that we tasted was:
Date,Jelly,Mango Chilli slices and a Mystery Food.

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