Friday, 3 November 2017


Today Mr Patterson came to our Team 5 block to talk to us about our future.Mr Patterson told a story to us and showed a video to us about a boy named Uili and an old man.He was talking to us about a little boy walking to school one day and seeing an old man sitting on the ground crying. The old man was crying because he had lost everything. When Uili approached the man he gave his money and his lunch to him . Uili carried on giving his money and his lunch to the old man.One day the old man walked with Uili to school when the old man got to Uili's school he told the whole school what Uili has been doing for him. When the school found out that Uili has been doing this stuff to help the old man he got a Gold Certificate, And for giving the old man this stuff, Mr Patterson took Uili and his friend to wellington for the day.

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