Friday, 14 October 2016

Holiday Highlight

In the holidays (on Sunday) it was my little brother logan’s  4th birthday. In the morning I burst out of bed and ran into the lounge and shouted “Happy Birthday!”. After that my dad took my brother out shopping to buy him some stuff.

After a couple of hours my dad and my brother were back. For my brothers birthday he got a Tonka truck and a Captain America painting then my dad and my mum went back up the shop and bought some chicken and chips for lunch.

That was so delicious Oh! I almost “forgot” the cake I mean you have got to have a cake for a birthday and the cake we have was a chocolate One We had Chocolate and Hokey pokey  ice cream for dessert. And for dinner we had sweet and sour pork.

It was A great way to celebrate a birthday and next year my brother going to be 5 years old That means he is going to be coming to this school.

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  1. I'm glad you had a good holiday Nyree. It was nice to read that you celebrated your little brother Logan's birthday with a yummy cake.