Friday, 28 October 2016

Lost in the forest

On day Ebony and her class went camping at Kawau Island. At Kawau Island there is a forest once everything was set up Ebony and her class went for a walk through the forest.

Ebony enjoyed the forest so much that she ended up staying there. And once the class were back at the campsite, they realised that they had lost Ebony.

Ebony was scared, she didn't know her way back to the campsite. And the class couldn't go back out to look for Ebony because it was getting too dark. So they left it until the morning. While the class was setting there stuff up at the campsite Ebony was looking for some leafs to make her a bed.

Then the next day the class went back out to look for Ebony but when they got there Ebony was already gone to find her way back to the campsite. She tried so hard but she couldn’t find her way back.

As she was walking she heard voices calling her name “EBONY” “EBONY” “EBONY”. So she listened to where the voices were coming from. And she started running and the voices got closer and closer.

After a while she saw her class and ran up to them and gave hem a big hug then the teacher came and took the class back to the campsite and had afternoon tea then they all went home.

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