Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Immersion Assembly

Immersion Assembly

Today was the first day of Term 4, Monday the 16th of October.And when had an Immersion Assembly. Our Immersion Assembly was all about Musical Madness. To start our Assembly of we had Mr burt,Mr Wiseman,Mr J, Mr Wiseman and Mrs Nua sing a song for us called “Musical Madness Saves The Day” Then after that it was Team 1 time to shine,

For their item they were playing cards, and as they were playing cards they were listening to music and whatever music they listened to their emotions started to change. For Example: If there was a Happy song playing there emotion would be Happy.

Next was Team 2. First Miss Gaston was playing the Ukelele and singing "The lion sleeps Tonight" and then the rest of the teachers came up on the stage and started using there instruments. So they were basically using different kind of instruments to create one whole song

Next Team 3 shared there movie with us. There movie was about lip syncing to all kinds of different songs.The teachers that were Lip syncing was, Mr Moran,Miss Davis,Miss King and Miss Edie

After that was Team 4.The name of Team 4 item was Make Car rides more fun. And in there movie they had all of the teachers taking turns in a car and singing to the songs that were playing in the car.

And last but no least was the amazing Team 5. Now for Team 5 item all the teachers in team 5 got together and was watching a movie. And as they were watching the movie different kinds of songs were playing. So they were trying to figure out what was going on in the movie with just the sound

So that was Our amazing Immersion Assembly, I hope you enjoyed reading it and please leave a comment.

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