Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Why is regular exercise important

Why do you think regular exercise is important.I will explain how regular exercise can hep you stay Healthy,Fit and Strong.

Firstly, you could stay Healthy by exercising everyday. You could also stay Healthy by eating Healthy foods & drinks like: fruit drinks,Water,fruit and other Healthy food.

Secondly,You could stay fit by doing regular exercisers everyday like: Running,Going for walks playing a sport and other regular exercisers.

Lastly,Staying strong is basically doing all those things that I explained which was: Doing regular exercisers and eating Healthy foods.

In the end I think that regular exercise is important because of the things that it could do for you like keep your body Strong,Fit and Healthy.

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  1. today I have posted my "Why is regular exercise is important. My writing is focused on my 3 main points which was how regular exercise can help you stay Healthy,Fit and strong. Hope you enjoy.