Monday, 29 February 2016

The Day Things Started Disappearing


Once upon a time there was man named Jack. One night Jack was brushing his teeth for bed “la la la la” Jack sung. Then finally it was time for bed. Once Jack got into bed he was about to shut his eyes when suddenly he saw from the corner of his eyes something disappear.

He jumped out of his bed “did I just see something disappear?” he asked himself. Then he hopped on to the floor and grabbed a bat (just incase someone was there). He went into the Kitchen “nothing here” then he went into the dining room “nothing here.
Cling something disappeared again “what was that who’s there” he scaredly said. Jack opened the front door went outside and there it was a little teeny tiny alien that YES happened to be stealing stuff from Jack's house. “AHHHHHHHHH” Screamed Jack “there’s an alien at my front door!!!”

“Hi” said Jack “HELLO” said the cute little teeny tiny alien, but the alien wasn't so cute when he pulled out his fire gun and shot Jack in the elbow “OWWWW” Jacked yelled, then again the alien shot Jack in the leg “DOUBLE OWWW” said Jack.

“Why are you stealing stuff from my house”? asked Jack the little alien began to cry “oh no sorry little guy” “ me keep steal stuff cause me have nothing” the little alien sobbed.
Just then Jack had an idea in his head “Ok little guy” Jack angrily said “how about I give you some and only some not all of my stuff some, and you stop stealing stuff from my house” said jack “deal” Jack said “deal” the alien sadly sobbed.
And so the two of them did there happy deal. Then the alien said “you know where to find me” “ok” Jack said, “BYE” they both yelled at each other. “Man that was a long and stressful night, well bed time”. GOODNIGHT .


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