Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Narrative writing

Once upon a time there was  a boy named Bob.  One day Bob and his family went on a camping trip, his mum had been organising this for months. They travelled far until they finally got to there destination at the Miranda camp site. The camp site was surrounded by a lake and filled with millions of people.

While Bob was playing he came upon another family called the Stevens family who were also on a camping trip. He overheard the family talking about how they left their food at home and how hungry they were.

“Um boy”, one of the parents from the other family said “ Would you be able to give me and my family some food?”. Bob said “ Ummmm I have to go check with my parents first” “o and by the way my name is Bob and so Bob ran of to tell his parents

When he got back to his part of the camp site he told his parents, Then after talking Bob and his parents went back to the Stevens family. Once they got there Bob's parents said to the Stevens family “Hi we are Bob’s parents Jill and Zach would you and your family like to come for a BBQ tonight?” The dad of the Stevens family thankfully said “yes we would love to”.

So they all went to the BBQ and had a very good camp.

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