Thursday, 3 November 2016

October E-AsTTle

One warm evening, a little boy named pete and his parents went on a trip. Pete had this one book and the book was called Eliot's dog he loved it so much he would read it every night before he went to bed and every morning before he left to go to school.

(Now Back To The Trip) While they were on the trip Pete was reading his book, and as he was reading he came upon a word and that word was Adventure.So Pete asked his mum and dad what an adveture was and they explaned. Pete’s dad said that an adventure is what they are on right now.

But before Pete’s dad could say anymore Pete’s dad didn't see the deer on the road so Pete’s dad lost control of the car and went off the side of the road and the car flipped upside down. Sadly the Pete’s parents died but Pete survived and at that time Pete was only Five years old.

Once Pete got out of the broken car he had realised his parents and died, and as he was hoping out of the car he saw his book on the ground and looked up and saw this sign that said THE BUSH.
So he went where the sign was pointing. As he was walking he heard the swaying of the tall tree’s and stopped.

He looked at the ground and saw a big no huge shadow covering him so he turned around slowly and he saw and huge scaly green dragon. Now Pete had never believed in dragons. Pete slowly put his hand out to the dragon and the dragon leant down, so Pete could pat him.

As Pete was petting him the dragon lent down more so Pete could hop onto the dragon but Pete looked back at the crashed car and the dragon did to so Pete climbed  onto the dragon and the dragon flew high into the sky and flew away.

As they were flying Pete had made a name up for the dragon and that dragon's name was Eliot. Pete and the dragon went back to where the dragon had been living and they stayed there not long after that Pete was asleep.te decided to  live there.

Now the bush is sought of like a forest so Pete decided to  live there.A couple years later Pete went to Eliot and he could see that eliot was getting very sick and later on that day Eliot ended up dieing. So now pete had nobody to live with, After a few minutes Pete heard voices and as  he listened the voices got closer and closer to him.

And Once the voices reached Pete one lady said “Would you like to

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