Monday, 11 July 2016

Holiday Program

Today was me and my sisters first day at our holiday program. Once we got to the holiday program we saw all of the kids playing doge-ball, I had a thought in my head and I keep saying to myself "Should I play" then I ended up playing.

After a while my sister ended up playing aswell. In the game I was the last person to play, nobody could get me out. But unfortunately we had to stop the game because the teacher of the holiday program was laying down the rules.

After she layed down the rules we had morning tea and then we were off to the field to play some games. Our teacher put us into groups and then we played the games, my team came first and second in all the games we played.

After that we went back and had some lunch. For lunch we had noodles and cookies it was so YUMMMM!!!! Then we came back to the park and had a cool play. There was this big swing that everybody went on and all of the other equitment were so cool.

Hopefully we come back tomorrow

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