Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Superhero on mission

One day in the quiet city of Auckland while the students of room 8 were busy working on their literacy tasks they heard a loud explosion Ka-boom!!

HA, HA, HA a creepy voice from outside yelled “I'm going to destroy everything in the whole world with my huge robot” yelled Dr Weevil. “ I know who to call” Bryana exclaimed. So Bryana ran inside and called 911. Suddenly Flame arrived “What seems to be the problem?” Flame asked.

“It’s Dr Weevil He's back and he's going to destroy the whole entire world with his huge robot” said kerstein “He won’t be destroying anything while i’m around” Flame replied “Ohh I don’t think so” Dr said.

There was going to be a showdown against the two enemies. “You best leave this town before I make you” Flame said in a serious voice.  “Never” said Dr “Well then you asked for it”. Flame Kicked the robot with flame’s super kick but the robot was to strong, that the robot  held Flame and roughly chucked him onto the ground.

“Oh no” Yelled one of the kids from room 8 “We've got to help Flame” Said Anna. “Then let's do it” Kerstien said, room 8 gathered around in a circle to come up with a plan. “Ok here’s the plan” and so they when on and on and on.

Thida ran out and started distracting Dr Weevil while Mereana went over and helped Flame get up “Ok here’s the plan Flame” said Mereana and she began telling flame the plan. Once she finished telling the plan flame was ok.

Flame sneaked behind Dr and said “It’s over Dr”  by then Dr Weevil was out of his robot, Flame kicked Dr Weevil back to where he was supposed to be “I’ll be back” Dr yelled “I don’t think he will be back” flame said. All the kids surrounded flame and thanked him then they all said bye.

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