Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Term 3

Today was the first day of term 3 which was the first day of school!!!

Once I got back to school I ran all the way to my teachers and my wonderful friends. All of my friends were happy to see everyone and so was I. After lunch at school I was helping my teacher get his printing out and I was also doing the school lunches.

You Know how I said I think on the last post I made about the special assembly on the first day, Well turns out that the special assembly is on Friday this week. Soooo I have to wait that long and today is only Monday.

Well see you next time

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  1. Hi Nyree, Grace here from Ohaeawai Primary. I hope you had a great holiday, I did. I wonder if you can help me, when we visited your school in May you showed me how to stop the images moving around and going down in iMovie - can you tell me how to do that again please? We are trying to create a movie for our movie competition.
    Thanks for your help,
    Grace Stevenson